What is CineMAJiiK?

CineMAJiiK is a subscription-based streaming service focused on entertainment without agendas, fostering a social interactive community experience.

How much does CineMAJiiK cost?

  • Monthly Plan: $9.49
  • Annual Plan: $7.49/month (22% discount) + special monthly discounts

Where can I watch?

Watch anytime, anywhere on any connected device. Sign in to your CineMAJiiK account at majiik.video or through the WATCH tab in your MAJiiK account.

What type of movies can I watch on CineMAJiiK?

Access a library of over 23,000 high-quality films, documentaries, TV shows, and series. Soon, enjoy films with our patented ultrasonics interactive experience.

How do I cancel?

  • Monthly: Cancel anytime, effective at the end of the paid month.
  • Annual: Cancel anytime, effective at the end of the paid period. No automatic renewals.


How can I watch on my SmartTV?

Use Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay to stream CineMAJiiK on your SmartTV.